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am I?

Hi, I'm Gabby!

I'm a graphic designer, performing artist, and all-around creator in

general, since I've gotten more practice creating with certain

mediums, but I dabble in anything and everything.

I'm especially interested in using my skills to positively impact the world around me.

While I'm personally passionate about theatre, dance, and design simply because I enjoy

consuming and creating those things, I also believe they are powerful vehicles for change, whether that's creating empathy through a poignant story, or making someone's life easier through a functional graphic.

Purpose and passion go hand-in-hand with my work ethic in whatever I do. I realize everything and everyone I encounter can teach me something important, so I'm committed to constant learning as I create. I have confidence in using my creative abilities that I've developed so far, and I believe I bring a unique and valuable perspective to any workspace or project, but I'm always seeking out different perspectives as well to shape my work, especially ones that currently lack representation or opportunities to be included.

As I move into my last year of my Creative Industries degree and into making a career out of it, one of my main goals right now is to learn how/when to take up space and be able to give space as well. After growing up as a competitive dancer and working in the fast food industry, I've mastered taking direction. I actually enjoy it and know I'll still be doing plenty of that as I embark on my career journey, but I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone as well to do more impactful work. I'm excited to be stepping into a few more leadership roles this year, mostly because of that thrill of stepping out of my comfort zone, but also partly because it feels like I feel ready for anything life throws my way at this point.

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